The Girl's Cottages
All three girl's cottages are part of the Bergen County Health Care Center and each now accommodate 30 residents.

You would hardly know this was once the Senior Girl's Cottage! Major renovations of the interior were made. We are standing at the corridor door end of the cottage hallway. The right wall of the hall was removed along where you see the drop in the new ceiling. The door to the laundry room was at the first counter. The center counter is about where the bath and shower room was. The last counter is where the house mother's living quarters were. The room at the end of the hall replaces the vestibule leading to the outside. Along the left wall were the dormatories which are now divided into smaller patient rooms. The Intermediate Girl's and Junior Girl's Cottages were renovated likewise, each to accommodate 30 beds.

Along the left wall were the four dormitories with dorm one being to the extreme left.

From the windows of the senior girl's dorms, they saw this view of the large front lawn. The back of the shrine of St. Joseph blocked the view of the spot where many kids went to sneak smoke or get a kiss.

From the patio in front of the statue, we see the gas station on the corner and beyond that was the Pegisus riding academy across Piermount Rd.

Behind the gas station and along the service road to the maintenance building is now a cluster of houses that were built to provide independent senior living quarters in connection with the nursing home.

Just beyond a road that was added more recently that cuts across the front lawn, we see all three girl's cottages starting with the seniors.

In all three cottages, the two dormitory wings that had two dorms each were divided down the middle with a hallway that runs along where our closets were. Small patient rooms were build on either side of each new hallway. You can see the new fire exits that are now at the ends of the new halls. The house mother's and prefect's living suites were also converted into patient rooms.

On the right is the Senior Girl's Cottage. The linking corridor is in the center and a new garbage utility structure has been built at the end of the main corridor just outside the end most entrance to the infirmary. The roof of the Chapel can be seen in the distance.

Here is another view of dorms one and two of the Senior Girl's Cottage. The right photo shows a peek at the original blue paint that once covered all the boards above the windows. All the building associated with the nursing home had these boards painted brown and all of the other buildings have been maintained in their original blue. We do not imply any poor maintenance on the part of the nursing home. In fact they have made our former buildings quite beautiful for the enjoyment of the senior residents. We probably caught this "archaeological" find just before this spring's round of painting.

This is the other side of Senior Girl's Cottage with dorm four on the right. Unlike the inside, the outside remains quite recognizable.

This view of the Senior Girl's Cottage shows the playroom on the left.

Come spring the seniors of the nursing home will continue as we did to enjoy outdoor recreation in the beautifully maintained yards between the cottages. The swings have been removed and benches have been added as they need them more than we did. On the right is a portion of the senior girl's playroom.

Walking down a little further we come to the Intermediate Girl's Cottage. Notice that the original door at the end of each cottage was removed and the new windows start lower on the wall than our original dorm windows did.

Dorm four of the Intermediate Girl's Cottage is on the left and the Senior Girl's Cottage is in the distance and shown closer up in the right photo.

With the junior girl's dormitories to the left, we see the back of the Chapel in the distance. A new chain link fence now helps keep these areas between the cottages safe for the seniors to enjoy the outdoors. Hey, guess we could jokingly say, they are more locked in more than we were!

As we get to the end of the girl's cottages we come to the juniors.

Lets go back across the main corridor to the Chapel.