The Senior Boy's Cottage
We are now going into the Senior Boy's Cottage which is laid out the same as the Junior and Intermediate Boy's Cottages. Today the cottage is the Archie Hey Village School, a program which serves youngsters with emotional or behavioral special needs. That program may now occupy the other boy's cottages as well.

Here from the main corridor we see the playroom which now has some playground equipment on its blacktop area.

Lets go inside. The wooden doors with the glass panels were replaced with metal fire doors.

The dorms were on the left and the playroom was through the first door on the right. There originally was a door before that which lead to a sitting room that has since been opened up to enlarge what was the playroom. In each cottage there was an alcove with cubbyhole units in which to leave coats and boots. In the Senior Boy's Cottage, Mr. Lampert removed them to build a train layout for the boys. Today, the alcove is closed over and replaced by that wooden door on the left that now leads to a padded room to prevent patients of the special education program from hurting themself when deemed out of control.

Just beyond that wooden door was dorms one and two that are now divided into several rooms beyond recognizability.

In dorms three and four, the closets between the beds were removed to create a large open classroom for the special-ed program that now occupies the building. View this picture long enough to see it animate.

The long slab with a cabinet, three drawers, and a desk for each of the six children of the dorm ran along this wall below the windows. An outlet was above each desk for a lamp.

The playroom is now a small cafeteria for the Archie Hey School program that now uses the cottage. Our pingpong table looked and folded up a lot like those tables.

A larger industrial grade kitchen replaces the homestyle kitchenette.

In the grass area just outside the playroom door there remains two of the four cement slabs installed by Mr. Lampert to form a patio with four umbrella tables. White gravel and landscaping surrounded the slabs.

The urinals in the Senior Boys Cottage are original as is all the tile and marble dividers. Two of the six urinals have been removed to add a cabinet.

Even the sinks and mirrors are the same. Nothing here to detract from our being taken back to our past. It was a eerie feeling standing in this room.

Across the hall from dorm four, this door lead to Sr. Frances' living quarters. Each cottage had two such suites that consisted of two bedrooms on either side of a sitting room. Sr. Frances' bedroom was entered through that door in the right photo from her sitting room that now is an office.

Looking down the hallway from outside dorm four.

Just outside this door in the vestibule near dorm four, you could look across the lawn to the woods where the boys once played before the warehouses were built. The boys built a complex of their own consisting of tree houses and other wooden structures. Then the bulldozers came to remove the trees for new the industrial building you see here. But that did not stop the Village kids from ice skating on the frozen over pond that was created by the excavation.

Dorm four is seen there with the new windows. On the right are the two dormitory wings extending off the cottage.

Along side the cottage leading to the playroom is now a driveway for deliveries to the kitchen that is in the new cafeteria that occupies the playroom. It replaces Mr. Lampert's beautiful patio and plantings. I may be wrong, but I seem to remember that Mr. Lampert and the boys also planted those white birch trees.

Here is another view from the Senior Boys Cottage looking back towards the gym. We see the industrial park to the right up by the school blacktop. The parking lot in the foreground is new.

Except for the parking lot and the new windows, this view hasn't changed much at all. Yes, the trees did get much bigger.

On the left, we see the area between dorms two and three where a former senior boy might remember hanging clothes on the line for Sr. Francis. The right photo shows dorm one and the utility equipment room near where the corridor links to the building.

We are at the end of the Village but not at end of our tour as there is more that lies beyond the Senior Boys Cottage.