From time to time (usually after several years have past since the last one) we hope to reunions in which we meet in a confortable setting for conversation, looking at old pictures, and reuniting with others from the Village. During the course of the event, the group has on a past ocassion had meals at local diners including the Northvale Diner near the Village. A highlight of our first reunion was a walking tour of the Village. Visiting the site interiors can no longer be possible as the facility is in ruins and is slated to be demolished - sorry. Village Memories on Facebook for notices.

Virtual Reunions

There has been and will likely be more virtual reunion on the web conducted in an on-line chat room setting. Watch this website and Village Memories on Facebook for notices.

Past Events

A Weekend of Childhood Memories - November 18-19, 2005 A group of alumni gathered for a weekend of memories. They reunited over dinner, meet several former Village staff members, viewed a promotional film about the Village, shared their memories and post Village lives with the sisters at their headquarters, and took a walk back in time at the Village site. Read the story "A Weekend of Childhood Memories."