In the years from1953 through 1964 several graduating classes and staff went to our nation's capital to represent the Village. They were guests of Frank C. Osmers, Congressman from New Jersey's 9th District from 1939 to 1942 and again from 1951 to 1964.

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The first senior class trip to Washington, D.C. was in the Spring of 1953. The Village had not yet been build and the children were still living in three seperate orphanages all run by the Sister of St. Joseph of Peace.

The first senior class of St. Joseph's Village trip to Washington, D.C. was in the Spring of 1953.
The visiting group poses for a photo alongside The Old House Office Building, now called the James Madison Memorial Building on First Street, SE.


After their trip in 1955, the Sisters and Graduates sent a letter off to Frank Osmers offering thanks for a trip they will remember their whole life.


Jan 1956 St. Joseph's Village trip to Washington DC. Receiving certificate from various important people.
In this picture, dated Jan 1956, is on left, Joseph Carney, then city clerk of Englewood, NJ, officer of Midlantic/Citizens Bank, Chirman of Bergen County Republican Orginization. He was very active at St. Cecilia's R.C. Church in Englewood. Next is Fr. George E. Byrne, Congressman Frank C. Osmers, others unidentified. PHOTO BY DAVIDAN STUDIOS


This was the first class to graduate from the New St. Joseph's Village. Before that the classes attended the St. Joseph's Home for Boys in Englewood Cliffs, NJ and St. Joseph's Home for Girls in Jersey City, NJ.

Walter De Hon recalls the 1959 trip.

We spent three days in Washington, DC. The first full day, we saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Then we saw the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials. After lunch, we went to Mt. Vernon to see George Washington's home and later that afternoon, we saw the Ford Theater. The last day, we went to the White House and then we met Vice President Nixon in his capital building office. We went to the senate chamber then had lunch in a private dining room.

1959 St. Joseph's Village graduating class at a dinner with Congressman Frank C. OsmersThe 1959 graduating class was the first to graduate from St. Joseph's Village and they got to celebrate in Washington, D.C. at this dinner on May 14, 1959 Seated, Sr. Jarlath, Sr. Rose Imelda, Congressman Frank C. Osmers (autographed), Fr. George E. Byrne, Sr. Therese, and Sr. Concordia. Standing, Walter De Hon, Joe Kenny, Donna Mitchell, Pasquale Perez, Anna Kon????, Billy Macklin, Kathy Lewis, Pat Sullivan, Diana (last name unknown), Jeanne Cadman, Karen Marble, (Unidentified), Grace Boyle, Sally McFarlane and the last three unknown. PHOTO COURTESY OF SALLY'S McFARLANE'S SISTER KATHY McFARLANE.

It was there that we took the picture shown here of the first graduating class from St. Joseph's Village on June 17, 1959. We spent two nights in the Congressional Hotel. The Guild Ladies of Englewood paid for the annual graduation class trip to Washington, DC. The Guild Ladies also gave us an annual Christmas party in St. Michael's Novitiate auditorium and we were allowed to ask for any Christmas gift up to twenty-five dollars.


Every year the trip took the graduates on a memorable three day tour of Washington's famous monuments, museums, and the capital building. They were guests of Frank C. Osmers for lunch.

1960 graduates and Village staff of St. Joseph's Village pose with Congressman, Representative Frank C. Osmers.
The graduates pose for a picture in the office of Senator Clifford P. Case (R-N.J.) with their trachers and advisors. Their Congressman, Representative Frank C. Osmers, is shown standing third from the right, next to Fr. George E. Byrne. The first person standing on the left is William Donnelly (Billy). Others unidentified.

St. Joseph's Village graduating class of 1960 pose in front of the U.S. Capital.
The 1960 graduates pose on the steps of the Nation's Capitol with Congressman Frank C. Osmers, Jr., of Tenafly. Pictured with the graduates and Osmers are Fr. George E. Byrne, four of the sisters, and Mrs. Henry J. Acanfora and Mrs. Theodore Farinella, who both were leaders in the St. Joseph's Guild.

April 1961

1961 graduates and staff of St. Joseph's Village pose with Congressman with the U.S. Capital in the distance.
Pictured with the graduates, are Frank C. Osmers are Fr. George E. Byrne, four sisters, and lay staff.

April 1964

Nearly five months after President John F. President Kennedy was assisinated on November 22, 1963, another group of graduates went to Washington, D.C. in April of 1964. Despite the tragic loss of one of our greatest presidents, Kathy McFarlane remembers that the trip was fun! It was a big deal for her and the other children to go on a great trip like this one. She recalls that they ate lunch in the Capital and visited all of the traditional sites. They also made a stop at a "beautiful church with catacombs." And they ate well, one night prime rib, another Chinese.

1961 St Joseph's Village graduates pose while on their Washington DC trip.The group is pictured at a Chinese restaurant. Rear left, Jimmy DePasque, Rosemary Hickey, Eddie Rose, Linda Marzano, Claudia Eichen, Rosemary Malloy, and Kathy Noonan. Seated left, Carol DeBaun, Linda Nagara, Cathy McFarlane, Kathy Guarni, Pat Reilly, and Shirly.

1961 graduates and staff of St. Joseph's Village pose with Congressman beside the Old House Office Building with the U.S. Capital in the distance.
They were honored to have a photo-op with Congressman Frank C. Osmers alongside The Old House Office Building with the Capital Building in the distance. Standing in front are, Sr. Sebastian, Sr. Jarleth, Carol DeBaun, Sr. Mari DePazy, Congressman Frank C. Osmers, Fr. Byrne, Linda Nagara, Linda Marzano, (unknown), and Sr. Stephens. In the back row are, Jimmy DePasue, Rosemary Hickey, Kathy Noonan, Claudia Eichen, Patty Reilly, Cathy Guarini, Cathy McFarlane, Eddie Rose, and Mr. Robert Lampert.

A Few Photo Highlights

Dates are unknown excwpt where noted.
(The pictures in this subsection of photo highlights are not big enough to enlarge.)

Left, Sr. Rose Imelda and Sr. Concordia during the 1959 trip.

Left, Linda Marzano was thrilled to get an autograph from a soldier guarding John F. Kennedy's grave. Right, a station of the cross. Details anyone?

Having been only a short while since President Kennedy's tragic death, the group paid an emotional visit to his grave in Alington National Cemetery.

Unknown Years

The following pictures were unidentified as to year and subjects.

St. Joseph's Village graduating class during their trip to Washington, DC - year unknown.

St. Joseph's Village graduating class during their trip to Washington, DC - year unknown.

Thanks to Kathy McFarlane and Frank Osmers, Jr. (Son of Congressman Frank C. Osmers) for sending us these rare photographs of these trips.

The groups certainly saw more than we get to see in these few pictures, but so far these are all we have. If you have additional photos of these trips, stories, or information, please write: We want to be able to explain a lot more about them, what did the groups do while there, interesting and fun things that took place on route and while there, etc. If you can identify any of the missing names in the captions and information about these pictures, please help.