There are many facets of Village life and many stories to tell. Articles in this section are about the field trips, being naughty and being punished, going to outside school, daily chores, performing in musical reviews, events that took place, going out begging with the nuns, and so and so fourth...

The buildings of St. Joseph’e Village: The final chapter
by Jim Brown
The end is near for the orange brick buildings of St. Joseph's Village as demolition crews will soon reduce them to just piles of rubble. Many happy and sometimes sad childhood memories will be all that remain.

A first graduate's vivid memory
by Walter A. De Hon
Walter came to the Village from St. Joseph's Home for Boys and remembers the entire floor plan of every building and cottage. He recalls the many field trips and even the exact dates of each event that happened during his stay. He recalls the Christmas parties, Friday night films, school uniforms, sex education, and the cover-up to hide the truth behind his placement. READ>>

How Many Statues Do You Remember?
There were statues everywhere and when the nuns weren't looking the stairing eyes of a statue was.

Report Cards
After so many years, some Village alumni still have their Mother Evangelista School report cards.

I'm dreamin' of a Village Christmass
This is a collection of Christmas time memories from former children and staff of the Village.

A Weekend of Childhood Memories
A group of alumni gather for a weekend of memories on November 18-19, 2005. They reunite over dinner, meet several former Village staff members, view a promotional film about the Village, share their memories and post Village lives with the sisters at their headquarters, and take a
walk back in time at the Village site.

From Rockleigh NJ to Washington DC
In the years from1953 through 1964 several graduating classes and staff went to our nation's capital to represent the Village.

Orphans' Messenger and Advocate of the Blind
The Sisters of St. Joseph published a newletter which featured the Village and their Home for the Blind in Jersey City.

The Don Bosco Theater
A miniature theater at St. Joseph's Village
by Jim Brown

Selling My Body
by Dennis Rhodes
As the factory workers went on their lunch break, each Saturday a nun sat with a large black bag and innocent and sorry looking orphan by her side to collect money and sympathy. This is a story of how this well orchestrated scene affected one former St. Joseph's Village child and has remained vivid in his memory.

Words Made Flesh
A former Village resident authors a book that makes poetic references to her memories of the Village.


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