The Village Photo Album of Barbara Geiry

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1. Mike, Eileen, Barbara Geiry near the parking lot beyond the gymnasium.
2. Barbara Geiry, Eileen, Mike Geiry join some other children with visiting parents.

3. Children greet arriving visitors. The Junior and senior boy's cottages are in the distance.
4. Lassie, the Intermediate Girl's Cottage dog is smelling fresh again after being sprayed by a skunk and then getting a bath in tomato juice.
5. Sr. James, or is it Sr. Zita?, enjoys some quality time with Lassie.
6. Fr. McFarland in 1965
7. Shirley Geiry, Michael, and Eileen
8. Eileen and Barbara Geiry watch through the corridor glass as construction workers put the final fittings on the new swimming pool. The view will soon be gone as green slats are installed in the chainlink fence to give the sisters privacy during their swim time. But at one point you could stand on the radiator and get a peek.
9. Barbara Geiry displays her new paint set.
10. Rosemary, Eileen Geiry, and Barbara Geiry

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