The Children's Village Photo Albums
Many former residents of the Village have kept their photographs from the Village stashed away in a drawer or attic for many years. Now through the marvelous technology of the internet, their memories can be shared with other former residents and staff worldwide. Perhaps you will recognise people and places around the Village you remember.

If you are able to dig out your old photos that show staff, children, and scenes around the Village, please contact this website.

Barbara Geiry
M.O. (page1)
(M.O.'s name is withheld by the person's request.)
M.O. (page 2)
Kathy Flusk
Cathy McFarlane
Bernadette Murphy
Joan McFarlane
Lisa Santirosa

Do You Recognize Anyone Here
An album of unidentified alumni.

Share your story
If you are a former child of St. Joseph's Village and would lik to share your photos or stories, please contact us at: