A journey back to St. Joseph's Village, Rockleigh, NJ


The Village was made of more than just orange brick, steel, and concrete blocks. It was made of people: children, clergy, and lay staff. They all made personal histories. We bring you articles and interviews with just a small sampling of the people of the Village — their experiences then and what their lives became after they left St. Joseph's. Class photos and personal snapshots capture some memorable "Village moments."

  • Class Pictures & Other Photos

    Photographs that depict life at the village were scarce as film before we had digital photographt was expensive.  Many were lost of thrown out over the years. But our small collection of images begin to scratch the surface of what living in the Village was like.  [see]
  • Children Then & Now

    There were hundreds of children who called the Village home for a short and sometimes long periods of their live. We only have information on a few of the children who as adults were very helpful in sharing some of their stories with us. [see]
  • Staff Then & Now

    A small sampling of the stories we have about the sisters and lay staff who's dedication and hard work made the Village run 24/7. In fact it was necessary for most of the staff to live on property.      [see]