A journey back to St. Joseph's Village, Rockleigh, NJ


By clicking on the yellow subtabs above you can access a collection of resources such as links to websites of interest to Village alumni, a link to our discussion group where members discuss a wide variety of aspects of life at the Village, and how to contact us. 

The Resources and Support section helps former children of the Village to network with others and explore issues related to: having spent time in a orphanage, or home for dependent children; locating records or birth family; or dealing with traumatic experiences during their stay.

  • Connecting With Others - Join "Village Memories" on Facebook

    This is a discussion group for anyone who ever lived, worked, or visited St. Joseph's village. Reunite with childhood friends and aquaintences; stay informed about reunions; remember and discuss memories of the sisters and lay staff, events and field trips, and things that we did during our stay; recall funny and memorable moments; let others know where life took us before and after the Village; discuss feelings about being an orphan, the loss of one of your parents, locating birth family; and traumatic experiences at the Village. Additions and changes to this website are also announced on this board as well as upcoming events of the alumni group.[go there]
  • Links to Related Websites & Organizations  

    Here you will find links to on-line discussion groups, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, and other related websites and organizations.  [read]
  • Issues & Support

    Get information and support on a variety of topics such as emotional and psychological issues, obtaining records, finding your birth family, and networking with other former children of the Vilage. There is also articles regarding aledged abuses at the Vilage.   [read]
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