Brochure about St. Joseph's Village, Rockleigh, NJ

The Informational Brochure

A brochure was produced about the Village in the Spring of 1963. We reproduced the text below as it apeared in the brochure. When names are known, they are shown in italic below each picture but were not included in the original broghure.

Front desk at St. Joseph's Village
There was no caption for this picture in the brochure but we attempted to name as many of the ones photographed as we have information. The two children on the left are Colleen Noonan and Mary Ann. Mary Ann's youngest sister Barbara is nearest the counter. Also pictures but not matched to a face are Mary Ann's other two sisters and one of her brothers. In the back besides the statue is an unidentified house mother. The receptionist is unidentified. An old switchboard which used patch cords is in the background. The small box of buttons on top if it is the control for the annunciator bells.

Girls line up for inspection before going to chapel at St. Joseph's Village
Sister house mother above gives a last minute look at her charges before they leave "home" for chapel.
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(First girl Mary Murphy, second to last Bernadette Murphy)

When sudden misfortune threatens the security of a child

It is natural to think of laughter and well being as the very heritage of children, and so they are when children are developing within the loving shelter of normal, happy homes. Unfortunately, many homes are completely disorganized by sudden, unexpected illness, death, severe disharmony between adults and other misfortunes which remove one or both parents from the household. Saddening and upsetting as such disasters may be to adults, they can be cruel and tragic to the children immediately affected.

At St. Joseph's Village such children are given loving understanding and skilled care. This splendid Home, consisting of nearly a score of buildings, replaces three Homes formerly operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph: St. Joseph's Home for Boys at Englewood Cliffs; St. Joseph's Home for Girls in Jersey City; and the Barbara Givernaud Orphanage in North Bergen. The new environment provides security, love, and a family-like atmosphere for our little guests.

Upon being welcomed into this ultra modern home, a newly accepted guest receives loving help in a dozen different fields. Voluntary services of doctors and dentists help to evaluate the child's health needs, and dietary experts see that needed foods are supplied in dining room environment made congenial with the companionship of other happy children. A modern school, with classes through the eighth grade, gives each child personal help with education. Religious guidance, directed by the resident Chaplain, builds up the solid foundation of faith that will help the growing child to prepare for a satisfying life.

Children at St. Joseph's live in cottages, each accommodated 24; each managed by a Sister house mother. A complete infirmary guards the health of the guests; and playrooms, gymnasium and workshop assure plenty of after-class fun and relaxation.

Dental office at St. Joseph's Village, Rockleigh, NJ
Dental offices, pictured above, help visiting dentists to keepchildren's teeth healthy. (The sister is Sr. Baptista.)

Cafeteria serving line at St. Joseph's Village
Shown above is the cafeteria line where expertly balanced meals are served under the supervision of the Sisters. (Sharon O'Connor, Sister unknown, unknown, unknown, Marge O'Connor, Mary Anne, boy behing case unknown)

One of the many children's dormatories at St. Joseph's Village
In the dormitory, as pictured above, each child has his or her own closet for the wardrobe. Gayly colored spreads and pillows set a warm, friendly tone.

Playroom at the Barbara Givernaud Cottage at St. Joseph's Village
Recreation rooms, like the one shown above, provide brother-and-sister atmosphere for enjoyment of toys and games.

Resident children departing St. Joseph's Village from the reception area of the Administration Building
Children graduating from St. Joseph's Village go out into life well prepared in religion, in health and in grammar school education for their greater tasks. On the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19, many come back to renew their deep friendships.

The Chapel at St. Joseph's Village
The chapel is the center of the entire plant. Like a temple, it symbolizes the immortal soul of each child who for a long or short stay at the Village will leave fortified with steadfast character.

"Give a little love to a child..."

said John Ruskin, ''and you get a great deal back.'' Indeed there may be no work of service which is more deeply rewarding than providing help to dependent children. Every one of us at St. Joseph's finds great joy in the responsive gratitude of our little guests.

And you will readily understand our cost of operation requires a great deal of money. Our sources of funds are very limited and if you would like to join with us in the work of St. Joseph's Village, any contribution you care to make will be received in prayerful gratitude.

"Non relinguam vos"

"I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you"(John 14:18)

This motto expresses the Sisters' ideal, their program of life, and the Christian spirit which motivates their work.

Post Cards

There were also several post cards produced about the Village. We reproduced the text below as it apeared on the back of each card.

Entrance marker at St. Joseph's Village
The inscription at the entrance of St. Joseph's Village summarizes the philosophy of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Newark who staff the Village.

Playroom in the Barbars Givernaud Cottage at St. Joseph's Village
Playroom in the Barbara Givernaud Cottage where three year olds are taught the fundamentals of happy and gracious living.

Chape at St. Joseph's Village
Main Altar - St. Joseph's Chapel stressing the simplicity and the regal besuty of the tabernacle of out Eucharistic King. Dedicated October 26, 1958.

Front of Chapel at St. Joseph's Village
St. Joseph's Chapel showing marble statue of St. Joseph and the chimes in the tower. Dedicated October 26, 1958.

As far as we know there were no other post cards produced, but if you have any that are not displayed here we would like to add them to the collection. Please contact us.