A journey back to St. Joseph's Village, Rockleigh, NJ


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After it was announced that St. Joseph's Village would close in 1972, Bergen County aquired the building and for many years since used its many buildings to house its various human services. Around March 2013 it was then announced that each of these services would be moved and consolidated in new expanded quarters on property at then Bergen Regional Hospital (Formally Bergen Pines). It became evident that the Village buildings would be demolished to make way for some form of health care facility in complince with the will for the land. Demolision began late 2023.

To some who spent a portion of their childhood at St. Joseph's Village in Rockleigh, NJ this news brings a sense of loss and recollection memories of the positive affect the Village had on their lives and the fun times they had learning, making new friends, and growing spiritually. However it is regreatful that there were some for whom this news brings a sense of closure to a dark past to see distruction of buildings that represented a painful and abnormal childhood. But to all the children and staff that walked up and down its long corridor, the pages to follow show a site that is certainly an emotional one for many diverse reasons. You are encourged to look at each photo and drone aerial video and witness this end of a chapter in the life of a home for dependent children.

    • Announcement of Demolision

      Newspaper article announces the pending demolision of the buildings of St. Joseph's Village. Also covered is report of the state of the property when the article was published. [read]    
    • A Look Around Before Demolision

      Before the excavators moved in, people took the opportunity to capture several photos before there was no more Village. Those images along with several Google street view images around the entire perimiter show the decay buildings and grounds as weeds and tall grass take over.          [see]
    • Workers Reduce the Village to Piles of Rubble

      During the late months of 2023 the demolision crews tore down the brick buildings like they were the toy blocks children once played with at the Givernaud Cottage. Dominic Scalcione took his drone to the air and captured some spectacular and detailed videos of each phase of the demolision project. [see]

    • Health Care Facilities Where Our Village Once Stood 

      When new construction begins on the site and a new health care center opens, it will be reported here.