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LoriAnn Takes a Summer Stroll back to SJV

A period of time before we took our winter tour of the Village in preparation for the "Virtual Tour of the Village Today," LoriAnn went on her own pilgrimage and captured on film several examples of the Village as it stands today with the trees in full bloom. You will notice that the trees and bushes have grown immensely from what we remember in the 60s. The postcard photo of the front of the chapel shows what it was like in 1963.

Chapel at St. Joseph's Village many years after its close.
That huge bush that seems to be devouring the side of the chapel was once that baby bush that stands to the left of the Statue of St. Joseph in the postcard photo below. The tree to the left of that wasn't even there.

The Administration building is pictured on the left.

Mother Evangelista Elementary School.

The Gymnasium/Auditorium is pictured on the left and the boys end of the main corridor is on the right.

There is an interesting connection to the past in that peaceful evergreen arrangement. They built a planter around a flag pole just outside the former Intermediate Boy's Cottage. Wait just one minute... Not quite... It is the remains of the circular wading pool with a sprinkler. Look Familiar? Look to the left of the pool. There remains the square concrete chamber in the ground for the circulating pump.  

The boys' cottages are receding into a forest of trees that once were not much taller than the boys that helped plant them in the early 60s. The Gymnasium is in the distance on the left and the Senior Boys Cottage is on the right.