by Loriann

I keep reading the stories, and looking at pictures, but still I can't seem to remember, but one person, Sister Mary-Lou. I had at one time thought she was my mother, so much so that when Dad came to visit with our step mother, I was so upset when he introdused her as my new mommy, I must have realy showed my butt, because step Mom took me into the bathroom and beat me. I screamed at her that I would tell. She told me it didn't matter -- she was mom and she could do as she pleased.

Does anyone remember the dolls that sat upon our made beds? Well, Sister Mary-Lou had me go and get the doll off my bed the day I was leaving. I got to keep her. I named her Sister Mary-Lou. The doll might be older then me but I still have her. If anyone remembers a Sister Mary-Lou -- mabe thats what I called her, I was very young (1960-1964) -- I would like to know, or even the dolls.