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1. Barbara Geiry outside of Gymnasium building
2. Eventhough this photo was taken by Barbara just a bit east of the Gymnasium building, the corridor still vanishes into infinity.
3. Barbar's first Holy Communion
4. Barbara Geiry
5. Barbara Geiry, Eileen Geiry, and (unidentified)
6. Eileen Geiry, Shirley, Bales
7. Barbara and her sister Eileen Geiry find it fun to walk down the gradual decline of the long corridor.
8. Barbara Geiry on visiting day with her doll
9. Barbara Geiry on visiting day
10. On visiting day. That may be Jimmy Brown visiting with his father James in front of the Coke machine. The woman with the beehive hairdoo is unidentified.
11. Barbara Geiry and a friend in the visiting room

The nine pictures above are of visiting day and the last one shows Mike, Eileen Geiry, Barbara Geiry and some other friends entertaining their visitors. Visiting was held on alternate Sundays for a few hours in what was called the "home ecc." room that was not actually used as such but was where the children got to see their visiting family or sponsors. Once a month and on holidays the children went home or to a sponsor's home for the weekend or for a week during Christmas, Easter, and summer vacation.

1. Barbara Geiry and Eileen Geiry on visiting day
2. Barbara Geiry and Donna
3. Joeann Winters, Nancy Plosnelzy, Ann Marie, Boppi were playing in the snow but spotted someone with a camera inside the glass inclosed corridor.
4. Barbara Geiry is fascinated by the new Polaroid camera. This was high teck stuff back in early 1960s. Many of the pictures shown here were shot with such a camera.
5. Barbara remembers when they built the tennis courts between the Jr. Girls Cottage and the Maintenance Building. She often skated and played jump rope on the courts.
6. Barbara is in costume for a musical number from "The Sound of Music."
7. Mike is in a band uniform and Barbara is getting into character for her scene from "The Sound of Music."
8. Among the children here are Mike, Eileen and Barbara Geiry, Pat, and Karen.
9. Father McFarland some of the kids enjoy some sandwiches. Barbara Geiry is to the right of Fr. McFarland and Elizabeth is to the left.
10. Eileen and Barbara Geiry peer out of the Village bus at the vivid colors and the screams of riders at Palisades Amusement Park. They often kept the children from immediately running off the buss when we arrived at our destination. The Palisades Amusement Park sign that stood high on the Palisades in plain view of New York City can be seen in the background. This bus also took the children to many sponsored Christmas parties, and places such as Rockaway Beach and the New York World's Fair!

1. Mike, Eileen, Barbara Geiry near the parking lot beyond the gymnasium.
2. Barbara Geiry, Eileen, Mike Geiry join some other children with visiting parents.
3. Children greet arriving visitors. The Junior and senior boy's cottages are in the distance.
4. Lassie, the Intermediate Girl's Cottage dog is smelling fresh again after being sprayed by a skunk and then getting a bath in tomato juice.
5. Sr. James, or is it Sr. Zita?, enjoys some quality time with Lassie.
6. Fr. McFarland in 1965
7. Shirley Geiry, Michael, and Eileen
8. Eileen and Barbara Geiry watch through the corridor glass as construction workers put the final fittings on the new swimming pool. The view will soon be gone as green slats are installed in the chainlink fence to give the sisters privacy during their swim time. But at one point you could stand on the radiator and get a peek.
9. Barbara Geiry displays her new paint set.
10. Rosemary, Eileen Geiry, and Barbara Geiry

If you recognize anyone that is not identified here, please let us know so we can add them to the cations.