My name while at the Village was Lisa Santirosa. I arrived in October of 1969. Around February 1970 a young lady came to volunteer her time with us. Her name is Judi DiBlasio. She lived in nearby Demerest. During Christmas time in 1970 Judi and her family donated a brand new record player to the senior girls and invited all of us who did not go home to their house for Christmas.

Judi and I are still friends today. She has remembered me over the years by sending me birthday cards each year for my regular birthday and my AA birthday. I now reside outside of Austin Texas, during Hurricane Rita; Judi made it her business to contact me to check in on my family and me. I feel blessed to have such a warm; caring and giving friend in my life, which was made possible by St Joseph’s Village.

Last month Judi sent me these pictures that were taken that Christmas in 1970. I don’t remember everyone but I sure do remember many. I also wanted to share them with each of you.

God Bless
Mouri Lisa Santirosa-Barnes